1. The Guys of Bi Tumblr?

    That last post got me thinking about Bi men/masculine identified bi people and how I don’t follow enough of themĀ 

    So far I have as bi guy tumblr users

    Fliponymous/Patrick Richards Fink


    Revolutionary Brute

    edited to add angrybisexual

    who is awesome and I’m a doofus for forgetting

    Edited to add: Stynger Photography

    and maybe Ritchandfamous? But I don’t know if ze identifies as male/masculine anymore.

    Anyone I’m missing? I’m looking for bi guys who post stuff about theory and oppression and stuff and I wandered into the “bi guys” tag and well that was a big porn filled NOPE.

    But yeah those guys (esp Revolutionary Brute, he’s new to tumblr but has written some good stuff, Maria/tearingdownthatfence might want to add some of it to your best of bi tumblr stuff maybe espeacially since it’s male bisexual stuff?) are good and worth a follow.

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    Thanks, I’ll check it out!
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    I can understand that totally. Would you like added into this post anyways?
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    I’m always happy to see this posted with me on this list, On a related topic I’m approaching 100 followers and trying to...
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    I know some bi guys have followed me and asked in the past about this….!
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    I’ve been (mostly) taking a break except for reblogging articles that I think are really good. Unfortunately the debate...
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