1. Shit I’ve seen in the last 48 hours

    - cis bisexuals refusing to listen when a trans* Bi per son speaks
    - cis bisexuals using the Bi= binary argument so they don’t have to confront their own cissexism
    - cis bisexuals engaging in tons of cissexism and derailing

    - cis nonmonosexuals hiding behind labels like pansexuality because they don’t want to confront their own cissexism.
    - cis pansexuals derailing a bi for Bi discussion about cissexism.

    Ya’ll are really gross and should be ashamed. Go to the back of the class.

    When trans people speak fucking listen.

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    At first I thought, “wait, what?” I’m a cis person, should I take offense? Don’t laugh. I always over-analyze...
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    Cis people, please STFU.
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