1. Things I NEEEED but dont have right now

    1: pikachu kigarumi

    2: a pain level below a 6

    3: a nose piercing (I miss mine)

    4: bacon and eggs and toast.

    5: any fucks to give

    6: gummi bears


  3. Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy?

    Fuck everything


  4. luxnplush:


    waiting for the “steal her look” trend to die down



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  5. do you ever think of the deliberate classism in the prices of allergy-free foods because they’re considered to be for health trends for the rich rather than a necessity for poor individuals with severe food allergies who actually need them 

    because i do

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  6. avatarparallels:

    The Lion Turtle and the Avatar. 

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  7. psuedofolio:

    give me all the notes.

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  8. Uranus ~ glayish
    Neptune ~ technoranma

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  9. thefrogman:

    Catvengers, assemble!

    Catvengers by Keyyu [tumblr | redbubble]

  10. hobbiesforbiphobes:

    Today’s hobby is: Taxidermy

    Taxidermy is something non-bi people can do instead of posting in the bi tags.

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