2. genderpunkenby:

    male genitals are any genitals that belong to a person who identifies as male. Female genitals are any genitals that belong to a person who identifies as female. people who identify as nonbinary have nonbinary genitals. 

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  3. mapsontheweb:

    The contour of some American states form a Chef carrying a tray of fried chicken

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  4. bisexual-books:

    Authors of queer fiction, we need to have a talk. Some of you seem to think that you’re writing realistic contemporary fiction, but I’m here to tell you that many of you are actually writing fantasy.

    See, the problem is setting. You all seem to set your fiction in a world a lot like our own…

  5. Finny took a selfie


  6. Musical ChuChu will haunt my dreams


  7. Wait didn’t her costume have red pants?

    Now it’s shorts

    Or maybe it was always shorts but this quality is so shit?

    Any one know the answer to
    ” does musical Utena wear pants?’

    Cause if so
    I would cosplay that


  8. OK so they used the Juri loves Touga plot from the manga but they kept Nanami in…

    Also Dios is terrifying
    Do not want

    This would have been my favorite thing in HS especially the duets with Utena/Anthy

    But this is at once less weird and way weirder then the anime

    It is like 45% more queer though ( except poor Juri)


  9. Massive crush on the actress who plays himemiya in the utena musical


  10. katworunyagisa:

    Person: “I’m just gonna play devil’s advocate here and—”

    Satan: “Whoa whoa hey I didn’t agree to this I don’t even know you.”

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